Automate Where it Matters

The last 100 feet in warehouses and distribution centers, commonly known as the pack line, is an area ripe with opportunity for automation. It is also the area that is most often overlooked.

For more than 30 years, PSI has been working with industry leading organizations to automate and optimize processes in the last 100 feet, easing bottlenecks, reducing errors, and realizing outsized returns.

Our focus is on the manufacturing, service, and support of our unique line of core products. We have a wealth of experience in the integration of conveyor-based automated packing stations, print on demand products, sortation solutions, and print and apply systems for even the most complex warehouse environments.

Last 100 Feet

We focus on the last 100 feet of the order fulfillment line — including material handling, sortation, and label application.

Manufacturing & Integration

We manufacture pack station products and integrate pack station equipment and solutions for mid- to high-volume warehouses and distribution centers.

End Users

E-commerce retailers, logistics companies, and high-volume distribution centers who are shipping direct to B2B and B2C customers are the primary users of our pack station automation products.

Global Experts

We are leading experts in order fulfillment automation, print on demand solutions, and sortation systems, improving throughput and accuracy, while reducing labor costs. PSI has completed over 500 installations worldwide.

Automated Pack Stations

PSI are the experts in order fulfillment automation. We manufacturer and integrate print on demand, friction feeding, and sortation systems for the last 100 feet of the order fulfillment line

Conveyors & Sortation Solutions

Optimizing material and product flow

Pack Station Automation Solutions

Automate your pack station with our Print on demand, Document Folding, and/or Insertion products and more!

Envelope Printers

Delivering high volume printer solutions

Featured Case Study

Automating the Last 100 Feet of the Order Fulfillment Process

An Apparel Ecommerce Company needed pack station automation to improve the speed and accuracy of their order picking process and increase efficiency and throughput.

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