The robust and reliable Checkweigher can operate as a standalone unit or can be seamlessly integrated into fulfillment lines that include PSI friction feeders, automated packing slip system, carton erectors, bagging machines and thermal inline addressing solutions. Checkweigher units can be fitted with any belt or roller conveyor and can easily be interfaced with other systems.


Fast efficient weighing improves productivity and minimizes error rates


Accurate & precise weight checking detects extra or missing items

Dimensioning Solutions

A compact, overhead cuber / dim-factor reduction product in-line at the pack station measures cartons to error-proof, identify the most cost-effective shipping option, and allow for efficient pallet building based on container size. The unit automatically measures the length, width, and height of packages as they are transported on a conveyor.


Save money on shipping costs by ensuring cartons are sized appropriately for the contents inside


Products are secured during shipping because carton sizes are optimized to protect products

product verification system

Product Verification Systems improve order fulfillment control during the packaging of your clients’ orders. Orders with trackable carton or order identification numbers allow the system to capture unique images from integrated cameras strategically positioned on the line.

Images can be auto-archived or deleted after a predetermined period or our system can print and insert the captured image in the carton. This provides peace of mind and proof of contents to your clients, so they can be confident that all ordered components were successfully packaged and sent to them.


An added insurance policy for high-value items; provides proof items were in good condition when shipped


Images can be included with the packing slip to confirm all products are included in the order and are an effective tool in dispute resolution

Case erector

By quickly, accurately, and consistently forming cartons, Case Erectors significantly improve efficiencies at the pack station. Different types of Carton Erectors can be used to form boxes of the same or varying sizes. These units can be integrated with most conveyor types and speeds.


Automated process ensures high speed accurate box and carton construction


Case/Carton Erectors can be integrated into existing conveyor systems and pack lines

carton sealer

Automatic or Semi-Automatic carton sealers can be seamlessly integrated into the pack station process. Carton sealers ensure efficient use of tape or hot melt while rapidly closing and sealing each box resulting in consistently secure boxes that are ready to be packed and shipped.


Save money on supplies and labor resources by automating the box closing and sealing process in one secure and efficient step


Improving efficiencies by reducing bottlenecks and eliminating errors

Void Fill / Dunnage

Void fill/dunnage machines save time and packaging costs by allowing for the right amount of void fill (plastic/airbags, paper, or alternative fillers) to be inserted into your packages every time. Thus, reducing waste and increasing throughput. PSI can help determine whether a fully-automatic or semi-automatic machine is right for your operation.


Inserting the right amount of void fill each time, ensures that items won’t break during shipping


Automation reduces labor costs and the severe effects of repetitive tasks


Baggers installed in the pack line tremendously increase efficiencies in the process by reducing labor costs and eliminating errors. Fully- or semi-automatic baggers can be added to the pack line to suit your facility’s unique needs.


Improve order throughput times and reduce manual labor error potential


Automate the bagging process to increase facility productivity

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