One step print, fold, insert and application system for label and shipping documents

Our customers have doubled their packing station throughput using Autoslip’s one step fold, insert and application system.

The Autoslip combines your shipping label/packing slip and return label in one transaction, with up to 10 A4 or Letter size pages. Automating your packing slip insertion will increase your packing station throughput, without adding more packing stations and reduces labor costs associated with fulfillment systems

Key Features

  • Packing slip can be applied to top or side of your carton
  • Uses standard A4 or 8.5″ x 11″ photocopy paper with a low operating cost laser printer
  • ROI typically in less than one year
  • The packing slip can also double up as the shipping label, without needing a separate printer/applicator
  • Processes orders faster than any current system available
  • Rates of up to 1200 per hour (20 per minute)
PSI Engineering Autoslip automated packing slip with top or side application shown on order fulfillment conveyor line