As the industry specialists in the last 100 feet of the fulfillment process, we understand that conveyance and sortation require special products to handle your unique distribution needs.  PSI’s mandate is to understand your material flow and recommend investment opportunities to you that make financial sense.  PSI partners with many unique suppliers and is able to provide the best, robust solutions for your pack station. Whether it’s a greenfield opportunity, the addition of a pack station, or a small integration into your current system, you will have access to our team of experts. 

Product Spotlight, Modular Roller Conveyor:  A Modern, Scalable, Flexible, Zone Powered Roller Conveyor

Unlike a typical roller manufacturer, who builds drive heads, sprockets, couplings and even motors always attached to or inside the roller.  PSI offers a new Conveyor System, where the frame structure, actuators, rollers, belts, controls and all other elements are aligned and form a self-contained concept.

Key Features:
  • Profiles are made of fine anodized Aluminium, torsion resistant and aesthetic.
  • The photo-sensors are mounted in a transparent and protected housing inside the profile frame.
  • All drive elements are inside the closed profile frames, installed absolutely secure.
  • All control-elements are also installed inside the closed profiles frames – without any tools!
  • The legs are smooth and aesthetically formed of fine anodized Aluminium.

Sortation Solutions

As your volumes increase, sortation and modular diverts tend to be required to move materials in tight spaces and eliminate bottlenecks in your lines.  Our customers are using sortation to sort orders by packaging type, by carrier, or by vehicle for last mile deliveries.

We offer a modular sorting system build up out of standard modules which enables you to configure your own sorting line according to your needs.

The sortation modules can be integrated into driven and non-driven conveyors with widths from 400mm – 1050mm. The modularity allows high flexibility and continuous scalability of the system. Thus, initial investments can be kept low and the system can be adapted to your business and grow with it at any time. The included software allows easy connection of the sorting modules to all common PLCs.

Everything is based on a plug and play principle.

The quick assembly principle reduces your downtime and saves your production costs.

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