Why work with PSI to automate your pack station?

We help our Clients and Partners turn their pack stations into profit centers by automating manual operations, providing Value Added Services, and commercializing the pack station.

  • We have an in-depth understanding of pack  station operations and our team will work with you to choose which of our products is right for your needs and can custom design solutions, if necessary.
  • We offer seamless integration of a scalable and flexible solution into your existing system to improve efficiencies and reduce the amount of down time for installation.
  • Our simple WCS/middleware applications are easy to use and require minimal training to be fully operational.
  • And if you run into any issues, our service team is just a phone call or email away.

When do you need automated pack station products

Unsure about whether your facility is the right fit for a fully- or semi-automated pack station? Here are some signs that our products can work in your facility:

  • You ship out 2,000+ orders per day
  • There is a bottleneck in order shipping output
  • You want to reduce the number of touches per transactions in the packing process
  • There is a lack of cohesive solution/You desire a seamless process
  • Labor Issues
    • Scaling full time employees at peak
    • Employee turnover
    • Labor shortage
    • Ergonomic issues with repetitive motion

Our Products


One step print, fold, insert and application system for label and shipping documents

Friction Feeder

Continuously count, batch, and feed directly into the order profile

Print Feeders

In-line document printing, folding and inserting systems

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