In today’s next day world, shipping orders efficiently, accurately and profitably is the absolute goal.  It is critical to have scalable, efficient Pack Stations that allow you to scale when needed.  No longer can you depend on a flux of manual labor to see you through your peak shipping times.  To be highly profitable you need to implement fully- or semi-automated pack station solutions to meet demand.  Who better to call about this than your partners at PSI.  For over the past 30 years, PSI Engineering has accumulated the in-depth understanding, knowledge and expertise necessary to create automated solutions for hundreds of pack stations throughout North America, Europe and across the globe.

In order fulfillment centers, kitting and packing operations and in general warehouses Automated Pack Stations are the key to highly profitable, high volume order fulfillment operations.  Pack Stations are where orders are packaged, labelled and sorted to the proper destination so your end customers receive their packages in a timely manner with all the proper materials inside and out.  With Pack Stations being located between your picking operations and the shipping docks it is critical that these stations be optimized so as to not bottle neck your warehousing operations.  The Pack Station is where your product transitions from costly inventory to profitable orders.  Let our PSI team show you how you can ship more orders on time with less people while ensuring your customers get their products faster with customized messaging and product/pack list information more efficiently.

Why work with PSI to automate your pack station?

We help our Clients and Partners turn their pack stations into profit centers by automating manual operations, providing Value Added Services, and commercializing the pack station.

  • We have an in-depth understanding of pack  station operations and our team will work with you to choose which of our products is right for your needs and can custom design solutions, if necessary.
  • We offer seamless integration of a scalable and flexible solution into your existing system to improve efficiencies and reduce the amount of down time for installation.
  • Our simple WCS/middleware applications are easy to use and require minimal training to be fully operational.
  • And if you run into any issues, our service team is just a phone call or email away.

When do you need automated pack station products

Unsure about whether your facility is the right fit for a fully- or semi-automated pack station? Here are some signs that our products can work in your facility:

  • You ship out 2,000+ orders per day
  • There is a bottleneck in order shipping output
  • You want to reduce the number of touches per transactions in the packing process
  • There is a lack of cohesive solution/You desire a seamless process
  • Labor Issues
    • Scaling full time employees at peak
    • Employee turnover
    • Labor shortage
    • Ergonomic issues with repetitive motion

Our Products

A man in a plaid shirt at a pick light station with conveyor line and totes

Automatic & Semi-Automatic Pack Stations

Automation and order fulfillment products and systems to meet specific requirements

PSI Engineering Autoslip automated packing slip with top or side application shown on order fulfillment conveyor line


One step print, fold, insert and application system for label and shipping documents

PSI Engineering LC InFeeder friction feeder for inserting high volumes of media inline into boxes or totes on a conveyor line

LC In-Feeder

Continuously count, batch, and feed directly into the order profile

PSI Engineering print feeders for inline document printing, folding and inserting shown in distribution centre

Print Feeders

In-line document printing, folding and inserting systems

PSI Engineering Order Verification System Automation Software package

Automation Software

Track orders with PSI’s Order Verification System

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