Print on Demand & Friction Feeding Products

PSI Engineering’s suite of pack station automation products have been used by warehouses and distribution centers all over the world to introduce automation and/or to optimize their process. PSI’s core products perform two key functions: friction feeding into cartons, boxes, or totes passing on a conveyor, and print on demand such as for packing slips, shipping documentation that can be inserted into an open carton/box/tote passing on a conveyor or be inserted into an adhesive pouch and stuck to the top or side of a closed box.

Friction Feeding

PSI’s friction feeders offer packaging solutions for high volumes of media, from catalogs to product samples, to be fed from the inline dispensing system into boxes or totes along the conveyor line. The feeder adds versatility and improves the handling capacity of the automated order fulfillment system.


Print on Demand – Open Container

PSI’s lineup of print feeders can print, accumulate, separate, fold and insert into containers personalized documents at high speeds. The resulting increased packing station efficiency allows for faster order fulfillment and a higher throughput.


Print on Demand – Closed Container

PSI’s Autoslip combines your shipping label/packing slip and return label in one transaction. Printing, folding, and inserting the documents into an adhesive pouch and onto the top or side of a closed box.


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