As your volumes increase, sortation and modular diverts tend to be required to move materials in tight spaces and eliminate bottlenecks in your lines. Automate the sorting process to create a more efficient flow in the facility, whether you are sorting orders to be packed, sorting orders depending on the type of packing required, or sorting parcels or mailers out to be shipped. Our customers are using sortation to sort orders by packaging type, by carrier, or by vehicle for last mile deliveries.

PSI Engineering are the experts in pack station automation – and that includes sortation solutions in and around the packing area of the facility. There are three different areas in which we specialize and can help to automate the sorting process:

TO the pack station

Once orders have been picked and placed into boxes, cartons, or totes, they need to be transported to the pack station. In some cases, orders are sent to different pack stations for varying reasons such as: managing the flow or different packing requirements. Pack lines are fully automatic, semi-automatic, or completely manual and our sortation solution can help distinguish between the three, sending the orders to the right line based on the packing needs.

At / WITHIN the pack station

Depending on the order, customer profile, or any other parameter, there are times when an order needs to pass by or skip certain machines/steps. For example, if there is a marketing insert specific to a certain geography, we can design a sortation solution that sends all orders going to that part of the country down a line where the marketing piece will be inserted.

AFTER the pack station

After the order is packed, sealed, and labelled correctly, it must be directed to the proper area for shipping. Whether your facility sorts orders by carrier, destination, or something else we can design and install a sortation system that puts the orders into the correct area 100% of the time. Our sortation systems can sort orders into gaylords, pallets, or other destinations.

What type of sortation technology is best for your facility?

Sortation based on Order Volume / Cost

Sortation based on how well it can handle multiple product/packaging types

Product / Packaging types include: corrugated cartons, plastic totes, polybags, parcels,
stretch wrap, straps, strings, loose items

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