Graphic Arts : A Client Testimonial

A busy New York graphic arts operation was experiencing issues with their envelope printer that was driving productivity down and producing sub-par quality.


For over 28 years, a busy graphic arts operation has been providing print solutions to satisfy the most demanding clients in the New York City area. They were using a non-PSI digital printer for envelope printing, but were experiencing difficulties with “sub-par quality and the terrible feeder unit,” comments the Plant Manager. He continues, “We got by, by manually feeding envelopes by the hand-full into the printer’s multi-purpose tray.”

The company needed to find a better solution that would enable them to optimize their envelope printing productivity and deliver the quality their customers expected.


PSI recognized that their Color Laser Mail 7000 Digital Envelope Printer (LM7000) would solve the company’s quality and productivity issues. Unlike the company’s previous printer model (which has two 90 degree turns on their envelope path), the LM7000 has a straight-thru envelope path that feeds consistently, with fewer jams and less wrinkling. The LM7000 creates sharp, bright reproductions due to its high print temperature.

When the company encountered a couple of issues upon installation of the LM7000, the Plant Manager notes that he contacted PSI’s Service and Support team, “and their responsiveness was very good.” He continues, “All in all I have been very pleased with PSI’s machine and service.”


The Laser Mail 7000 was the right solution for the company’s envelope printing side of the business. It produces the quality they need and ensures constant productivity. While the company’s previous printer printed at only 275 degrees, PSI’s LM7000 prints at 400 degrees, ensuring superior toner adhesion and no ghosting when clients reprint onto the envelopes. When the Plant Manager did an initial 6,000-print test run on the PSI machine, he noted that he tested “envelopes of various sizes and some with highly saturated art, and it went very smoothly.” He continues, “This type of production in the past would have taken me much longer and would have taken me off-line from my other responsibilities completely.”


The company has been using the PSI Laser Mail 7000 since 2016, and their experience “has been excellent,” comments the Plant Manager. The previous printer’s poor print quality and feeder issues were doubtlessly costing them business, but he notes that with the LM7000 “the improvements in these two areas has been night and day.”

He continues, “The quality of the color consistency, color registration, and the nice solid areas, along with the runability – both in the PSI printer and the feeder – have tremendously increased the productivity and quality of our production. PSI is a valued partner.”

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