Reducing Errors and Optimizing the Pack Station with PSI’s Autoslip and Product Verification System

A promotional material company was shipping out an average of 10k customized orders per day. With the increasing labor and supply costs, they were looking for a product verification system to add to their facility that provided an ROI in less than two years.

Each order was meticulously assembled to include the custom branded products, invoice, and a shipping label on the outside of the box. Operators manually verified that the right branded products were being sent to the correct customer but due to human error, there were instances that the wrong products were sent to the customer, which ended up costing the Company thousands of dollars annually

The Company’s VP of Operations reached out to PSI after doing some research on automated verification products, and in working with the PSI team, decided to purchase and install PSI’s product verification system as well as an Autoslip.

Product Verification System

The Product Verification System (PVS) was installed after the product(s) were placed in the box; the integrated cameras captured an image of the contents of the box for confirmation that the correct product is headed to the end customer. If the contents did not align with the customer’s order, the box was sent down a reject lane for correction. If the contents were correct, it continued down the line for carton sealing.

Automating order verification eliminated nearly all erroneous orders from being shipped out – the incorrectly packed boxes were identified and corrected before proceeding further down the line.


Once the box was sealed, PSI’s Autoslip would print the invoice and shipping label on opposing sides of the same page. The document would then be folded and pouched so the shipping information was facing outwards. The adhesive pouch was placed on top of the box which would then continue down the line for sorting by destination.

Automating the invoice and ship label printed not only improved order cycle time, but because they were printed on the same page, the Company used 50% less paper and cut down on supply costs as well.

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