E-Commerce : Significantly Reducing Freight Costs through Order Verification

A Cross Dock Shipping company realized they were losing a significant amount of money daily from incorrect shipping weights and wanted a solution that would fix this problem immediately. The company and PSI’s Solutions team discovered that incorrect shipping costs were being charged from discrepancies in reported vs actual package weights/dimensions. PSI designed and installed a fully automated, rapid verification system that confirmed package weight and size, leading to accurate shipping charges.

The new verification process quickly and accurately weighed and measured inbound packages loaded onto a conveyor. After verifying that the proper costs were associated with the package, the system automatically sorted the packages to the correct outbound shipping dock.

The automated system confirmed shipping costs were accurate, eliminating the excess charges that the Company paid as a result of erroneous shipping manifests, all without slowing down throughput at the facility.


When unloading the incoming trucks, the operators would load the packages onto the conveyor where the barcode would be scanned. The package moved down the line to PSI’s Checkweigher, which compared the actual weight to the recorded weight on the shipping documents. Another measurement would happen when the package moved to PSI’s Dimensioner, which compared the package size to the shipping manifest. Any discrepancies in parcel weight/size were caught and fixed before being shipped out. The outbound package shipping costs were subsequentially 100% accurate.


Once shipping costs had been verified, the packages were scanned once again to determine which carrier would be delivering the package to the end customer. The sortation system then directed the package to the correct shipping dock where an operator would remove the package from the conveyor and place it on a pallet. Automated sortation had eliminated all potential errors where a package ended up with the wrong shipper.

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