Pharmaceuticals : Automated Document Printing Eases Bottlenecks

A Distribution Center was fulfilling wholesale orders for a pharmaceutical company, and they were struggling increase throughput and had a significant bottleneck at the pack station where operators needed to manually print and fold the price sticker sheets. Oftentimes, when the operator would fold the sticker sheet, the stickers would become unstuck to the backing.

After testing at the PSI manufacturing facility, a custom Print Feeder – Single Fold was installed to handle the printing and insertion of stickers unique to each order. An additional efficiency was discovered after learning that the DC was also inserting pre-printed promotional documentation into orders.  PSI’s Friction Feeder was installed to automated this document insertion.

The automated document handling automation helped the DC insert the price stickers accurately and eliminated errors and printer jams. Order cycle time was improved which contributed to an increase in orders processed during a single shift.

The aggregate return from these modest changes was immense. ROI on the machines was achieved within 12 months, and the DC was set up to easily handle increased shipping demand going forward.

See the print feeder in action below

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