Telecommunications : Shaving 90 Seconds per Order off of Packing Time

A Distribution Center (DC) with a contract to send out refurbished phones for a large mobile phone company needed to add automation to their facility to address the labor shortage and had a goal of improving order cycle time. The DC reached out to their Systems Integrator who investigated the project and quickly realized that PSI’s products needed to be part of the solution. The Systems Integrator focused on the tasks upstream while engaging PSI to design a solution for the document handling portion of the process.

PSI’s Print Feeder was installed along the conveyor to print on demand the appropriate packing slip, fold it once and insert it into the box. Further down the conveyor, there were five PSI Friction Feeders to dispense one of two pre-printed booklets in either English or Spanish and a pre-printed return label. These six machines were able to keep up with the rest of the solution the Systems Integrator put in place that could handle the DC’s existing demand in one eight-hour shift.

PSI’s Print Feeder and Friction Feeders provided near-perfect accuracy and eliminated document insertion errors. Automating these two tasks helped the DC achieve their goal of improving order cycle time by 1.5 minutes per order.

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