E-Commerce : Creating a Unique Customer Unboxing Experience through Automated Packaging

An eCommerce company selling eco-friendly products, that prides itself in the customer unboxing experience, was struggling to find packing operators that put a focus on the customer experience. Rather than continue their hiring campaign, they approached PSI to automate as much of their process so they could continue to scale up their output without expanding their team.

Their process requires two operators to pack one order – one to make sure the products were packed with void fill in a presentable manner, and the other to gather between 2-5 marketing inserts for that specific customer. The PSI Solutions team understands that maintaining a manual process is key to ensuring a pleasant unboxing experience for the end customer. The marketing document insertion, however, could be automated to fulfill just as many orders with fewer operators.

This relatively minor investment in pack station automation provides the highest and quickest ROI for The Company. Secondly, there is a significant positive impact on the bottom line due to the reduced need for labor.

Automating Personalized Messaging

Two of the inserts, a thank you card and color brochures, needed to be printed on demand to be customized for each customer. PSI’s Print Feeder prints and folds the thank you cards and brochures before inserting them into the open boxes passing on a conveyor. With rates of up to 20 documents per minute, this automated process takes a fraction of the time it used to manually.

Marketing Inserts

Included with every order is any combination of the latest issue of The Company’s magazine, coupons for the customer’s next order, and/or a seasonal flyer. The orders placed on the conveyor would be scanned to determine which marketing pieces needed to be included. Each LC In Feeder down the line contains and dispenses a difference marketing piece and inserts the appropriate one(s) into the customer’s order. This process ensures that the correct inserts are included 100% of the time.

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