Software Options to Consider Using With the Color Laser Mail 7000

Looking for a faster way to complete in-house print projects? Then you definitely need to understand the differences between the workflow software options available for the Color Laser Mail 7000. The two software options that are to be discussed in this article are known to be highly efficient and effective in a commercial printer or direct mail house setting, or wherever they may be used in regard to reducing printing-related costs. Here are some benefits of these workflow software options when you upgrade equipment in-house.

The Color Laser Mail 7000 is a versatile and user-friendly color digital envelope printer that can print variable data and images on envelopes, stationery, banners, postcards, glossy stocks, labels, and standard paper. It has several key features that should be highlighted such as, the product’s LED imaging technology, the straight-through paper path and the best in class high capacity multi-purpose feeder and stacker. In addition to this, the full-color Laser Mail 7000 includes digital technology that allows for individual replacement of toner cartridges and image drums allowing users to replace what color or part is needed, saving money and time.

Prior to using the machine, the workflow software has to be installed and there are two options: Harlequin RIP and EFI Fiery. But which workflow software type is best for the Color Laser Mail 7000?

What is Harlequin RIP?

The Harlequin RIP is a type of workflow software known as a raster image processor (RIP – a piece of a printing system that is used to create the final product) that originally came out in the 1990s.

According to the RIP Manual Harlequin RIP Genesis Release: “The Harlequin RIP is an application that takes a document or job describing images or pages and produces output from that job on an output device— which can be a printer, imagesetter, computer screen, or a file on disk. The term output device is used throughout this manual, except where the nature of the device is important. In general, a software application or hardware device that performs this task is known as a Raster Image Processor (RIP) or, where the PostScript® language is involved, a PostScript-language compatible interpreter.”

Some key features of the Harlequin RIP software, one of the fastest RIPs around, include:

  • Image positioning
  • Supports pre-merged variable data
  • Built-in paper profiles
  • The ability to preview your product without halting production
  • Spot color editing with PANTONE® Plus support
  • Booklet tools
  • Enhances the process of preparing transparent pages
  • Quick convert to white prior to RIP
  • CutePDF® Tools software with PDF based imposition

The following features can be added:

  • Trapping
  • Color accuracy
  • Advanced screening

What is EFI Fiery?

EFI Fiery is another type of workflow software that is currently setting the industry standard and will provide users with a powerful and impressive print job. This software is known to provide users with the highest level of image quality and performance even when dealing with more complicated jobs.

Some key features of the EFI Fiery include:

  • The ability to visually preview files before outputting
  • Margin and placement adjustment
  • Built-in variable data feature
  • Job ticketing
  • The ability to build automated shortcuts easily
  • Support for clear and white five color printing
  • Built-in spot color editor and spot color matching
  • Specific images can be altered without the modification of design files
  • Remote Network Clients

Which Workflow Software Type Should you be Using?

The Harlequin RIP workflow software is a more cost-efficient choice, however, it is important to go with the option that best suits your specific needs and not just because it is more affordable. In order to be fully satisfied with your software choice, it is important to know what you are producing and how you want it to look.

The Color Laser Mail 7000 Envelope Printer is a product that can be bought from PSI Engineering, a company, located in Mississauga, that was founded in 1989 and is recognized as a leader in order fulfillment and automation solutions. When buying the Color Laser Mail 7000, PSI Engineering offers both the software options: Harlequin RIP and EFI Fiery.

For more information about the company, as well as the products and services they offer, visit the PSI Engineering website.

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