MHI 2021 Annual Conference Recap

It felt incredible to be at an in-person event earlier this month! The MHI Annual Conference in Phoenix this year had an incredible energy – people were ecstatic to attend in person to network and reconnect with one another.

Members of the PSI team was in attendance and when asked, “what was the most exciting part?”, their answer was unanimous: the new SLAM Industry Group.

What is SLAM?

Scan | Label | Apply | Manifest (SLAM) is MHI’s newest industry group that is all about automating the last 100 feet of the order fulfillment line. The last 100 feet, or the Pack Line, is largely one of the most underdeveloped areas in distribution/fulfillment centers and yet, is one of the areas with the largest opportunity for automation and providing a high ROI.

Who is part of this group?

In addition to the founding committee, this group is for companies designing and/or manufacturing the following products:

  • Identification (barcode, RFID, etc.)
  • Scale and/or Dimensioning system
  • Conveyor
  • Document insertion technology
  • Software
  • Integrators, Consultants
  • Component suppliers

Why are we excited about it?

PSI’s Co-CEO, Steve Pickfield, is on the SLAM executive committee as Vice Chair and played a huge part in helping this industry group come to fruition. Having been a long-time MHI member, we are excited to belong to an industry group that is in the exact space where we do business and bring more visibility to the last 100 feet of order fulfillment.

More information on SLAM can be found on the MHI website:

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