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PSI Laser Mail Systems – Variable Data & Image Envelope Printing

The full color Laser Mail Systems are variable digital printers that print variable data and images in one pass on envelopes, postcards, brochures, banners, stationery, labels, greeting cards, and more. These digital press-like systems print in high definition digital color onto stocks as heavy as 450 gsm and on envelopes as small as 3”x5” and as large as 10”x13”.

Our production envelope printers feed, print and stack a variety of thick stocks and a variety of textured media.

Think of the PSI Laser Mail Systems as your own print shop in a box.

PSI Laser Mail Systems Perform As Multifunction Digital Printer

Quick printers benefit from owning their own Laser Mail production envelope printer because of the opportunity it provides them to offer their customers direct mail envelope printing and the flexibility to print on a wider variety of envelope media.

  • In one stop, customers can have their own personalized letter head in full color printed with matching envelopes and business card.
  • For short run print jobs, these production envelope printers can turn around a large envelope print job in a relative short period of time.

From the convenience of their own office, customers can send over their direct mail print files including addressing information and the print shop can set up the print job effortlessly, stack the envelopes into the feeder and hit the print button.

The affordability of the PSI Laser Mail printers mean small business owners, charitable organizations and universities now have an economical means to print a varied amount of material to promote their businesses. Small business owners use the PSI Laser Mail envelope printer as a multifunction digital printer. Aside from the key benefit of envelope printing, they also can print invoices, letters and other business communications in black and white or in full color on various media sizes and thickness. Many real estate, universities and legal offices have benefited from the flexibility that the PSI Laser Mail envelope printers provide.

Set up is easy and the load-on-the-fly and remove-on-the fly feeder/stacker allows for reloading of envelopes and other media without having to stop the printer, restack the feeder and start up the printer again. In today’s competitive environment, time is money. The PSI Laser Mail envelope printers offer print shops and small businesses the opportunity to be efficient which supports their profitability.

PSI Laser Mail Production Envelope Printers

Knowing that color on an envelope can set the tone of what the contents are contained in the envelope, it can have a positive impact on direct mail response rates and sets the tone of the message before the envelope is even opened.

PSI Laser Mail envelope printers are multifunction digital printers that delivers sharp and clear images and text on a wide assortment of media. Quick turnaround promotional mailings can be accomplished with ease using PSI’s production envelope printers. Announcing a “last chance” deal on the outside of the envelope will improve your direct mail ratio response.

Pictures and announcements printed on the outside of the envelope create the catalyst for an individual to open the envelope. Publishers Clearing House has had great success with creating excitement before the envelope is even opened.

The latest introduction into the digital printing world is the introduction of 5 color printers.

Five color printers contain a white toner that enables light colored text to be printed on dark colored media. Traditionally this could only be done on a press in large quantities. Furthermore, 5 color envelope printer is creating a lot of hype within the digital printing world because of its ability to print light color on dark colored envelopes and other stationary media in short run and on-demand.

Red is often associated with fear, anger, passion. Blue conveys trustworthiness, dependability and tranquility. Green promises growth, freshness and invokes relaxation. Orange promotes enthusiasm, creativity and vitality. Black is often regal, formal or elegant. It can convey sadness quite well in a message.

A great example of where color and images are often used in direct mail pieces often would be charitable organizations. One comes to mind where they print the image of a young child with tears running down his dirty cheeks on an envelope. This image sends a strong message for the direct mail recipient to “help” even before the envelope is opened.

Another example of where color and images are used in direct mail would be a new restaurant sending out a sample menu with a promotional offering with the promotional offer of “2 Can Dine for the Price of 1” or a new dentist is in town promoting “Free Teeth Whitening for New Patients”.

The Laser Mail 4 color envelope printers offer small businesses and print shops alike the flexibility to print on-demand, in short runs and in full color. Storing large quantities of pre-printed stationary is no longer necessary with variable digital printers, saving businesses time, money and space. Direct mail initiatives are easier to plan and execute, whether you are a print shop or small business.

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