eCommerce Order Fulfillment and Your Business Objectives

PSI Automated Systems Help Achieve Key Business Objectives

Many eCommerce companies are putting an enormous amount of resources into optimizing their online presence to attract new customers and to have existing customers return. We understand that your Distribution Center (DC) is a strategic asset that fulfills the current purchase and is the last place where your repeat purchase message can be inserted in your direct order fulfillment system.

eCommerce Is booming. This presents a growing number of challenges for DC’s with direct-to-customer eFulfillment.

Your online presence often promises to deliver more than a product. It promises to deliver a product correctly, damage free, and on-time and as fast as possible.

PSI has developed automated system solutions that improve your business processes and help ecommerce fulfillment.

Understanding your business objectives is the first step towards delivering a solution that is aligned with your business goals, such as:

  • Increase revenue
  • Increase sales
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase repeat sales
  • Reduce overhead
  • Shareholder value

PSI helps DC’s with customer satisfaction, faster product delivery & improved time to market.

Coordinated Approaches For Sales & Marketing Communication

PSI Engineering can successfully install systems that automatically insert the right sales and marketing documents during the last 100 feet of your ecommerce order fulfillment process

As a result, your specialized sales and marketing messages are properly presented to your customers with their online purchase.

Coordinate Internal Sales & Marketing Communications

In order to gain all the opportunities available in the e-commerce channel many departments will have to coordinate their sales and marketing communications with their supply chain and logistics organizations to ensure that their organization delivers the Perfect Order and the perfect customer experience for repeat business to occur.

Sales and marketing directors, VP’s and operation managers all work toward achieving strategic communication goals, but at times these departments fail to work in an optimal manner.

Provide Incentive for Repeat Purchases when Delivering Customer Products

Sales and marketing normally want to include coupons, special offers, referrals discounts, catalogues and more when the customers’ order is being shipped. Traditionally this task was considered cost prohibitive due to the requirement for additional labor to insert these documents manually. At PSI we have changed this traditional position.

Proven Results With PSI Document Fulfillment Systems

REQUIRED: eCommerce Distribution Center Needed eFulfillment Throughput Increased 3X

A large multiple product eCommerce distribution center needed to increase order throughput from 20,000 orders per day to 60,000 orders per day during their peak shipping season.

Almost 80% of the company’s order profile involved single line items, with a quantity of one item – (one product is ordered 80% of the time). Even though the company had decided to use high speed automation, they could not engineer their distribution center to accomplish the task of managing 60,000 orders/day.

PSI Engineering recommended the Perfect Order concept to help them attain their goal of 60K orders/day.

The Perfect Order Concept For Perfect Order Fulfillment

PSI Engineering suggested the Perfect Order concept of every component and shipping container for every order be given the same and equal weight. After explaining that, if the cube, invoice, catalogs, shipping labels and product were given equal status within the order process, it wouldn’t make any difference where any of the components for each order were placed into the container for that order.

The PSI system solution selects the proper carton, releases it to the conveyor lines, applies the correct shipping label on the carton and feeds the invoice, catalogs and any promotions into the box before sending it to the picking stations. Once the products are picked the order is completed and ready to be sealed.

Surpassing Their Six Sigma Objectives – 100% Shipping Accuracy

Employing the PSI Perfect Order concept allowed this company to surpass their daily processing goal of 60,000 orders and at the same time achieve 100% shipping order accuracy, exceeding their Six Sigma objective.

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