This new and modern PSI ZPC Conveyor System works in Zones (ZPC) with full zero pressure functionality

It is designed for Internal logistics and  distribution systems. It transports Cartons, Boxes, Trays, Totes, Bags, Solar Cells or Panels, Furniture and what has to be conveyed throughout the internal logistics and distribution centers.  Ideal for e-commerce and online-shops.

Chutes, with electronic speed control

Easy assembly at site

Diverter or Infeed demo

OTU transfer airport security checkpoint


Switch/diverter in a curve

Electronic controlled gate

Curves without tapered rollers

Support for wide Roller-conveyor

ZPC-Sorter with omnidirectional transfer units and electronic controlled chutes

Chutes with extreme slope of 23° electronic controlled for parcel-postal

Roller conveyor with flat middle profiles for pushing crates from a non powered to a ZPC-conveyor

ZPC-Sorter and electronic controlled chutes, for a Smartphone dispatch area at Samsung, South-Korea

Infeed lines from automatic bar-code labeling devices

Chutes with electronical speed control for small and large items, as Smartphones and cardboard boxes