It is patented in most industrialized countries worldwide

For conveyor-switches and conveyor-crossings into ANY direction.

Thanks to the ingenious technique, these patented PSI OTUs (Omni-directional-Transfer-Units) offer a simple, easy and high-performance solution for crossings and switches in conveyor lines and logistic systems.

Built interchangeable OTU-tables with the new PSI special OTU-Profile from anodized aluminum

It’s as easy as replacing a roller in a roller conveyor

The PSI OTU table runs with 1.5 m/s. That is about 10’000 units per hour, depending on the length of the goods. (calculated for boxes of about 400 mm length)

10,000 units per hour

The PSI ZPC-Control system, based on the ASi-field-bus manages the OTU tables – as corner, transfer, switch or double X-switch and more – with the brush-less DC-motors, smooth and fully automatically. It is designed for the PSI ZPC conveyor-system and PSI OTU’s. The ZPC-control system can communicate with any higher-level IT/BUS infrastructure.

There are generally no pneumatic devices in use!

The OTU-tables fit into any conveyor construction. But here inside an PSI ZPC-conveyor system it looks most elegant and modern. It works fast. Come to Ticino in South Switzerland and see our demo- and test-installation life. We explain everything to you in detail.


PSI Roller Conveyor: for picking zones with corners and transfers made with PSI OTU (Omnidirectional Transfer Unit)

PSI OTU (omnidirectional Transfer Unit): Transfers in an Airport security CT-Scanning line at JFK-International Airport, New York

PSI Distribution-System in a large high-bay warehouse in North-Italy with OTU-transfers, for any direction. Here you see the special form of splitted conveyor rollers

If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you'll be amazed at the results

George S. Patton

The compact OTU

  • All movements of the patented PSI OTU are built with very sophisticated construction to incorporate all elements into this little block. With this incredibly constructed modular brick you can put together tables in conveyor systems of all applications and movements, which automatically convey into any direction
  • The injection molding parts are precisely made of High-Tech reinforced Polymer Materials, which are highly impact resistant and abrasive. All spindles run on Precision Ball-Bearings 2RS
  • Thanks to the ingenious technique, these PSI OTUs (Omni-directional-Transfer-Units) offer a simple, easy to fix and high-performance solution for crossings and switches in conveyor lines and logistic systems
  • As a universal and variable element, it is able to transfer all sizes of goods with very high speed (ca. 10,000 boxes per hour – at 400 mm length)
  • This PSI OTU II brick can be just put together through the dovetails and being modular connected with the intermediate timing belts, one to another on 3 sites if required. So you get any size of transfer tables for switches and diverters, crossings and sorters and many more
  • The PSI OTU drives the rollers directly through a bevel gear system inside
  • All OTUs of a transfer table are connected with T-5-belts (timing belt) and the direction is changed via a tooth rod. The latter is moved by one or two new high performance Brushless DC-motors
  • The PSI OTU-bricks measure 75 x 75 mm

It is produced of High-tech polymer materials, which are wear-resistant and highly efficient

This cut-away shows two OTU-II lines together on the new OTU profiles. This can be mounted between any conveyor construction just that simple!

The height of the whole construction including the new Motors and Controls is only 200 mm!

So, you can get:

  • Corners
    keeping the direction or moving sideways
  • Crossings
    moving sideways into both directions as full OTU-table or as OTU-lines
  • Switches
    right or left, or into both sides. The table builds aleady a curved movement – for easier construction and space savings
  • Crossways-Transfer
    the direction can change from straight to crossways on both sides

and many more

  • as U-turns, Rotation of goods, moving Sideways before bar-code-reader, Distribution lines….

…and Sorters


Conveyor Switches and Crossings with PSI OTU

Every line of an OTU-table can be individually programmed in relation to the degree of the direction-change as well as of the speed

The PSI conveyor diverters and PSI conveyor crossings are completely pre-assembled – with all PSI electronic controls and BRD DC-Motors and are tested in house.

PSI conveyor crossings and switches as modules can be easily put together at site with easy “plug -in”. These fast diverters can also be used for sorters into both directions.

The most easy, modular and economical element to build switches, crossings, corners, and movements in any direction


Who had this brilliant Idea? – With this OTU brick we can solve everything. – Fantastic!

Authentic statement of a new customer


PSI OTU-tables in a customer Sorter-instalation in China

OTU tables in a Sorter Installation incorporated in an PSI ZPC - Sorter-System at Samsung in South Korea

OTU Crossing

OTU Diverter

Time only moves in one direction; remember that. Things always change

Mohsin Hamid

PSI Omni-directional Transfer Tables for Roller Conveyors, Crossings, Diverters and Sorters

The profiles are put together to an OTU-table or they can be used as single lines in distances (depending on the goods to be transported

The OTU-tables – or the OTU-lines – can be screwed between any profile-frame construction. They can be assembled in length and width in relation to the sizes of the goods to be transported.


a view from below

No additional pneumatics are necessary

Unbelievable, how flat this OTU-table is constructed.

Authentic statement of a new customer

You can do much more with OTU, here are examples

Example 1

This special OTU-table allows to transfer Boxes cross into one or two new lines without changing or turning the boxes

The same special OTU-table allows also to transfer Boxes into one or two new lines while turning the boxes by 180° in order to get the wrong barcode label (yellow) onto the correct site (white)

This is, when the barcode label is on the correct side (white label)

This is managed through the PSI electronic control system

Condition is - of course, a flat base of the boxes or cartons

Condition is - of course, a flat base of the boxes or cartons

Example 2

This box doesn't change the way it is transported. The OTU table just moves it cross into another direction

This box changes the way of its direction, it turns around like a small curve. The OTU table just moves all the single rows of the OTU for a turning direction around the big wheel


See this very complex distribution system for transporting boxes to the various picking places in front of a high-bay warehouse. Only the OTU-tables made this compact installation  possible, installed in Italy.

There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction

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