Optimizing material and product flow: The Most Advanced, Modern, Scalable, Flexible, Zone Powered Roller Conveyor in the Market

This new Conveyor System is designed so that the frame structure, actuators, rollers, belts, controls, and all other elements are aligned and self-contained. Traditionally roller conveyor manufacturers build using drive heads, sprockets, couplings and even motors that are attached to or inside the rollers, creating exposed hazards and a non-contemporary look. The patented unique combinations of roller corpus can be used for nearly all applications. Rollers have internal “ridges” on the internal bore which mates to the spindles, but they can also have a round bore for gliding on the spindle for friction drive and for the usage in curves.

Key Features

  • Frame, actuators, rollers, belts, controls and other elements are all aligned and self‐contained
  • Zone Powered Conveyors (ZPCs) can work in any direction using the same control system
  • Omnidirectional Transfer Units (OTUs) can move items across switches, transfers and crossings
  • These conveyors do not use pneumatic cylinders and no compressed air is required
A series of modern Avacon multi-directional zone powered motor conveyors