Automatic & Semi-Automatic Pack Stations

Expertise for the last 100 ft of your order fulfillment line

We are the technology leader in the design, manufacture and integration of automated pack and sortation solutions, print‐on‐demand and print‐and‐apply systems. We deliver solutions for even the most complex high‐volume warehouse and distribution environments.

Key Features

  • RAPID SORT‐N‐PAK: The perfect solution for packing single and multi‐item orders using a bagging system
  • RAPID FLOW: An automated pack station line incorporating a carton erector system for fragile items
  • RAPID ORDER START: A fully configured pre‐pick line for integrating automation in order fulfillment processing
  • SEMI‐AUTOMATIC PACK STATION: A custom designed pack station solution for your company's specific needs
A man in a plaid shirt at a pick light station with conveyor line and totes